Android Smart Phone Apps

 This is a course Wiki being maintained by four professors from FAU who are collaborating on developing a joint course on smart phone app development. The four professors involved  are: Ravi Shankar,  Professor, Computer  and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering and Computer Science; Francis McAfee, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia  Studies, College of Arts and Letters; Michael Harris, Chair and Associate Professor, Anthropology, College of Arts & Letters; and Diana Mitsova-Boneva, Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, College for Design & Social Inquiry. Other professors from these and other disciplines are likely to contribute and improve this Wiki site so it provides an up-to-date template and flow for their joint teaching effort in this area.



Smart Phone App development is exciting and timely, with potential for jobs and revenue. Real world successful App teams bring together professionals in arts, engineering, business, etc., to create elegant and user-friendly engineering marvels. Over the past three years, we have worked towards creating a microcosm of this at our university. State-of-the-art courses on this topic  have been offered in three colleges, synergistically & concurrently, with the aim to team up faculty members & students from various colleges to work together towards this ideal.


Course Site: http://android.fau.edu/  . Recent marketing videos from our  high school student teams: http://vimeo.com/album/1660512  .   A site with overview information, team photographs, and links to student blog sites and promotional videos: http://faculty.eng.fau.edu/shankar/research/smart-phone-apps/ 


Recent Apps developed by our undergraduate student teams:




Healthy Kid App, developed by a                          Campus Emergency Alert App,                           World Hacker App, developed

group of students from engineering                        developed by a group of students                         by an engineering student,

and graphics                                                        from engineering, graphics, business,                    proficient in engineering and 

                                                                           and anthropology                                                and graphics


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